Municipalities collect massive amounts of data every day to provide services and to plan. These data can be used to build an equitable and sustainable social transformation within and across communities to address their most pressing needs. Making decisions on available information and evidence—rather than on historical practice, personal preference, or intuition—is an important step toward taking actions that cultivate just, prosperous, and inclusive societies.This could be improved by using innovative and user-friendly ICT tools such as mobile applications and digital platforms that empower citizens and local governments to engage and create their community. These digital solutions provide interactions that can help in identifying trends, evaluation of the responsiveness and efficiency of the municipal sectors, setting priorities and decision- making.

This project will enhance the capacities of three pilot municipalities to collect and use data as a tool to improve local services, increased accountability and good governance. The digital platform “mCommunity” will be introduced as a tool for data driven decision-making processes on local level in the selected municipalities. The project will build capacities for local administration for using ICT tools in collecting and using data and information. We will promote concept of data driven decision-making for improvement of local actions and policies.