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American Corner Engagement App

American Corners in Bitola, Skopje, Struga, Tetovo and Shtip are working as place resource centers where youth can find free information about the United States, organize and participate in variety of events. In order to bridge the users of the corners the project will produce digital solution, which will enhance the engagement of the users. We envision the Corners to be perceived as local creative and knowledge hubs for youth and motivate them to become leaders in their society. The…

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Strengthening data driven decision-making on local level

Municipalities collect massive amounts of data every day to provide services and to plan. These data can be used to build an equitable and sustainable social transformation within and across communities to address their most pressing needs. Making decisions on available information and evidence—rather than on historical practice, personal preference, or intuition—is an important step toward taking actions that cultivate just, prosperous, and inclusive societies.This could be improved by using innovative and user-friendly ICT tools such as mobile applications and…

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Center for Social Innovations BLINK 42-21 is a non-governmental, non-for- profit organization where we identify social problems, develop social innovation projects and link these projects to different individuals or groups of people.

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Address: Rajko Zinzifov no.26 – Skopje, N.Macedonia