Cultural heritage represents an incredible meeting point for collaboration of the cultural and creative sectors. The needs, as well as the attention span of the audience are drastically changing so the cultural heritage sites in Western Balkans must adapt to the new environment and the contemporary digital shift. The specific needs of these sites, due to their more conservative, historically preconditioned concept of presentation, provide a bigger challenge for innovation and joint collaboration with creative industries. This requires creation of an innovative dissemination cooperation, based on the use of advanced technologies and the enhancement of user experience.

This project will introduce a new cooperation model for the cultural and creative industries in creating immersive storytelling to enhance cultural experience. Moreover, the project will build capacities for cultural workers and creative industries in order to adapt to the digital shift, encouraging the use of digital technologies and will introduce a new methodology for dissemination of cultural heritage. Finally, attractive and engaging multimedia narratives and content for the tourists will be developed.

The following products will be developed through this project:

  • Assessment Report – Immersive Storytelling for culture heritage in Western Balkans
  • Methodology and toolkit for creation of immersive storytelling for culture heritage in Western Balkans.
  • Methodology for immersive experience creation.
  • Methodology for using digital tool for enhancing culture experience.
  • Six immersive applications, VR and MAR apps or 360 videos solutions.