Season 1: Fake News
Season1: Materials
Season 2: Anti-corruption
Season 2: Materials
Season 1: Fake News

The project intended to encourage critical thinking and media literacy.

ZdravoZaGotovo (TakingForGranted) is a video campaign that reveals the false news and confronts viewers with the tactics and strategies used to create and distribute them.

Season #1: Fake news

The focus of the campaign was to present the media manipulation by elaborating how particular theme is shaped and distorted. This provided us with an opportunity to present what tactics and strategies are used when certain topic is covered in media through fake news and disinformation instead of focusing only on debunking particular news. The final effect was production of videos that presented a context of the fake news in addition to the promotion of the tools for analyzing and consuming news which were part of each video

As part of the ZdravoZaGotovo campaign, 4 videos were produced that dealt with topics that dominate the media space and had a significant impact on how the public shaped their attitudes.

The campaign was fully implemented through social media and for a short time enabled over 200,000 reviews and 20,000 interactions from Facebook users.

Season1: Materials

Episode #01: Mission impossible – Fake news? 

Episode #02: Was Macedonia invited to NATO (EU)?

Episode #03: The agreement between Macedonia and Greece

Episode #04: A referendum between campaigns?!

+ Bob Pearson: On internet bots and fake news

Season 2: Anti-corruption

ZdravoZaGotovo (TakingForGranted) is a digital storytelling campaign that intents to provoke critical thinking increase the information and lower threshold of tolerance of the citizens to any kind of corruption and general violation of the rule of law.

The project provides production of eight short video stories. The information in the videos is delivered in a funny, not-threatening way meant to capture the audience and gain a following. This attracts a diverse group of people with different gender, age and ethnic background.

Season #02: Anticorruption

The campaign intents is to provoke critical thinking, to increase the information and to lower the threshold of tolerance of the citizens to any kind of corruption and general violation of the rule of law.

The project intends to provoke critical thinking by addressing the personal corruption footprint of the citizens. By emphasizing our own involvement in evasion of the rule of law, regardless of the intent, the project will confront the citizens with their perception and involvement in the corruption on deeper, more personal level.

Season 2: Materials

Episode #01: All you need to know about corruption

Episode #02: Almighty Administration

Episode #03: Делете ја, парчете ја

Episode #04: One for all

Episode #05: Why me?!

Episode #06: The Business Must Go On

Episode #07: Anti-corruption Recipe

Episode #08: Who wants to be a Corruptionaire?

+ Ph. D. Eleonora Serafimovska: Spiral of Silence

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