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Invitation to Tender

The Center for Social Innovation BLINK 42-21 Skopje, North Macedonia is publishing this bid to engage relevant service provider/s to develop a Public Procurement Document Analysis Software used by municipalities and/or public institutions in Republic of North Macedonia. The Software should utilizes big data analysis and machine learning technologies for checking public procurement documents, ensuring compliance with the Public Procurement Law and other relevant legislation, identifying irregularities and flag elements that might lead to potential corruption. Under this Invitation to Tender as service providers are eligible all domestic and foreign private legal entities, as well as consortiums of two or more private legal entities.

The Center for Social Innovations BLINK 42-21 Skopje is a non-profit organisation implementing the project “Increasing capacities to predict and prevent corruption by using big data and machine learning” supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), through the project “Democracy Works” funded by the UK Government with the support of the British Embassy in Skopje.
BLINK 42-21 acts as a SocialTech organization with a team of young, motivated and dedicated people who design and scale innovative solutions for identified social challenges in the country and the Balkan region. BLINK 42-21s’ team believes that innovation – the creation and adoption of new ideas is the key to human progress, prosperity and well-being. Since 2011, we implement innovative projects that provide digital solutions for improvements in the public sector, innovations for better education and great immersive cultural experiences.

The project “Increasing capacities to predict and prevent corruption by using big data and machine learning” intends to increase the anti-corruption capacities of the municipalities and other public institutions by integrating ICT tools as part of the planning procurement procedures. The particular project aims to contribute to the broader goal of increasing trust in government institutions and promoting good governance. By leveraging technology and digital tools, the project endeavours to create a preventive system that identifies and pre-empts corrupt practices in public procurements, ensuring a fair, transparent, and accountable process that maximizes value for money.

Aim of this Invitation to Tender.
BLINK 42-21 is issuing this Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) to a range of potential suppliers of services and would welcome a bid from your organisation.

Public procurement processes are susceptible to corruption and inefficiency. This Public Procurement Document Analysis Software aims to address these issues by automatically analysing public procurement documents, identifying irregularities, and providing users with actionable insights during the preparation phase of the public procurement. The digital solution should be based on the most advanced practices of artificial intelligence, such as large language models, which will enable the rapid development of new models from machine learning. The software should also analyse a wide range of public procurement documents, and enable labelling of data that will be used for training and evaluation of AI models. In addition to marked data, the digital solution should also enable the collection of unmarked data, i.e. public procurements that are available on the Internet. BLINK 42-21 will be responsible to determine, set and provide the parameters and all relevant documents for the software analysis of the public procurement documents.

Bid submission.
All bids should be submitted by November, 29 (Wednesday) 2023 till 4 pm CET in writing and must comply with the requirements of this ITT, and must include the information requested in the Bid Requirements below.

This is a formal sealed tender process. Please send the entire documentation (please see section Bid requirements) to Blink 42-21 premises: Rajko Zinzifov No.50/1 – 2/23, 1000 Skopje – North Macedonia. On the envelope please write Да не се отвора пред заседавањето на комисијата за тендер/Do not open until the inception of the Tendering Committee. After the deadline, the project team will inform the service providers on receiving the bid documentation.

Invitation to Tender

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About us

Center for Social Innovations BLINK 42-21 is a non-governmental, non-for- profit organization where we identify social problems, develop social innovation projects and link these projects to different individuals or groups of people.

За нас

Центарот за социјални иновации БЛИНК 42-21 е невладина и непрофитна организација основана во 2011 година. Организацијата е насочена кон идентификување на социјални проблеми, развивање на социјално иновативни проекти и нивно поврзување со индивидуи и групи. 

Блинк 42-21 е платформа која ги поврзува луѓето посветени на идејата дека социјалните иновации би можеле да доведат до економски, образовни и општествени трансформации и културни предизвици во можностите за доброто на општеството.

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Address: Rajko Zinzifov no.26 – Skopje, N.Macedonia


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Адреса: Бул. Рајко Жинзифов, бр.26 – Скопје, С.Македонија


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