The project intended to encourage critical thinking and media literacy.

ZdravoZaGotovo (takingforgranted’) is a video campaign that reveals the false news and confronts viewers with the tactics and strategies used to create and distribute them.

The focus of the campaign was to present the media manipulation by elaborating how particular theme is shaped and distorted. This provided us with an opportunity to present what tactics and strategies are used when certain topic is covered in media through fake news and disinformation instead of focusing only on debunking particular news. The final effect was production of videos that presented a context of the fake news in addition to the promotion of the tools for analyzing and consuming news which were part of each video

As part of the ZdravoZaGotovo campaign, 4 videos were produced that dealt with topics that dominate the media space and had a significant impact on how the public shaped their attitudes.

The campaign was fully implemented through social media and for a short time enabled over 200,000 reviews and 20,000 interactions from Facebook users.