Social innovations

- We develop new ides to meet social challenges -
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Public institutions

We develop new ideas to help institutions to improve public services and increase citizen engagement through smarter use of people, data and technology.

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We develop new ideas to improve the educational system to empower youth with the skills and knowledge to bring opportunities for the wellbeing of the society.

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Culture & creative economy

We develop new ideas to boost culture accessibility and challenge social entrepreneurship to grow the creative economy.

Blink 42-21

We believe that innovation - the creation and adoption of new ideas - is the key to human progress, prosperity and happiness.

Center for Social Innovations BLINK 42-21 is a non-governmental, non-for- profit organization where we identify social problems, develop social innovation projects and link these projects to different individuals or groups of people. BLINK 42-21 is a platform that connects people dedicated to the idea that social innovation could lead to economic, educational and social transformation and cultural challenges in to opportunities for the well-being of the society. We develop new ideas, programs and models for empowerment of citizens and institutions, by promoting civic engagement, improving public policy and services, innovative education and creative economy through technology in meeting social challenges.


Milan Tanceski

Founder and Executive manager

Zorica Velkovska

Founder and Project manager

Marija Vasilevska

Project Manager

Filip Velkovski

Project assistant

Stojan Ovnarski

Financial аssistant

Branko Ristovski

Production manager

Ana Todorovska

Graphic Designer

Monika Jandrevska

Web developer